Credit Card Changes – Announcement

Change in Credit Card Processor

A few weeks ago our web connection encountered issues with our credit card gateway which is the connection our website uses to process credit card transactions. To keep transactions flowing we switched our processor. That switch caused us to lose all prior saved cards. For security we do not store credit card numbers on our site or our server. Rather we stored a secure digital “token” that allowed our original processor to store and retrieve your saved cards. When we changed processors we could not keep your stored card information because all of that information is stored at the original processor and is not transferrable to the new processor.  No credit cards or user accounts have been compromised!!  The loss of cards was due only to our switch of card processors and not because of any security concerns.

We are working to bring stored cards back with our new processor and we hope to have it working before the end of May.  In the meantime you will need to enter your card for each transaction.  We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep working to rectify the situation.

Thanks very much for your continued support!