Ghost Stories for Halloween!

by Christophe's Team

October 11, 2018



Ghost Stories for Halloween!

The Hitchhiker That Never WasImage result for ghost girl white dress

A beautiful girl wearing a white dress and a mauve embroidered sweater was on her way back from a party. She did not have a ride so she flagged down an elderly man in a pickup truck who drove her to her great-grandmother's house. The girl and the man had great conversations and shared great stories during the car ride. After he dropped off the girl at her great-grandmother's house, he went home. The next morning his wife asked him to pick up some milk. He walked to his car and realized the girl's sweater was still in his seat. He swings by the girl's great-grandmother's house and knocks on her door to return the sweater. Her great-grandmother opens the door and asked why her is here. The man explains why and the great-grandmother has a shocking response. She says, "I'm sorry sir. I think you have the wrong address. My great-granddaughter died many, many years ago, wearing her favorite white dress, after a night out dancing."

Mr. SullivanImage result for car accident old

On a cold, winter day, Mr. Sullivan was walking alongside a road and walked over to a woman to ask her for some help. Not even considering Mr. Sullivan's request, she screams loudly at the sight of him and runs away in fear. Astonished at her response, Mr. Sullivan continued walking to flag down several other passing cars, only for them speed up at the sight of him. He even called the taxi company and when he arrived he saw Mr. Sullivan and just sped away. The man went to a phone booth and called his wife because he wanted to know what on Earth was going on and why people were so afraid of him. Instead of his wife, a man answered the phone in an unrecognizable voice. The man said, "Unfortunately, Mrs. Sullivan isn't available at the moment. She's at her husband's funeral. He passed away in a car accident last night." Finally, Mr. Sullivan found his way to a public bathroom. He looked at the mirror and found his face to be bloodied and bruised with broken bones. His face was pale and his eyes were red. Then he realized why everyone kept running away from him. He was dead. And he was a ghost.

The MaidImage result for maid olden days

Once upon a time a husband and wife lived together with their young son. The wife passed away and the husband decides to move to a new house with his son. On the way, they were told by the locals in the village that the house they were moving into was haunted. Neither the man nor the little boy believed in ghosts, so they happily moved into the house. While the man was relaxing upstairs, he asked his son to get him a glass of water. The boy went downstairs and asked the maid of the house for a glass of water for his father and a bowl of fruits for himself. She obligated and warned him that there could be ghosts in the house and to not be startled. Later that day, the boy asked his father, "Daddy, I've been thinking. I could believe in ghosts because the made told me there might be ghosts in this house." His father replied, "Son, we don't have a maid."  



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