Couple of Our Menu Items

by Christophe's Team

October 18, 2018



What Do We Have On Our Menu?

Here are a couple of our unique, international, and healthy menu items! Check it out.

Braised Beef and Kimchi Pancake with Zucchini Noodles

Braised Beef and Kimchi Pancake with Zucchini Noodles

On the right is a mouth-watering braised beef and kimchi pancake with zucchini noodles. Braised meat is a method of cooking popular in France. In this technique, beef is cooked both in wet and dry heats. In other words the meat is sautéed, seared, and roasted in a pot. Cooking the beef in a pot contains the flavors and makes it tender and moist. Chinese cuisine and Vietnamese cuisine use this method very often when cooking various meats. Kimchi on the other hand is a culturally rich dish that can be traced back to 37 BCE. When Korea was  introduced to chili peppers by Portuguese traders in the 1600s, the delicious dish was born. The common ingredients of this recipe include cabbage, chili peppers, spices, vinegar, and salt that is fermented in a tightly closed jar from two days or one week. Combining both the braised beef and kimchi pancakes creates a harmony of tastes that blend French and Korean methods of cooking. Click the link below to try out this friendship of flavors. It is both dairy free and gluten free. Source:

Tzatziki Salad

Most of you have heard of Greek yogurt which is a concentrated version of regular yogurt, which is why it gives you a thicker consistency, stronger flavor, and more protein. Tzatziki is a a sauce also of Greek origin that utilized Greek yogurt, garlic, and cucumbers.  It is not only commonly used in Greek cuisine, it used all over Southeast Europe and the Middle East. It can be a great appetizer for healthy Tzatziki Salad meals and if you are not getting your veggies in your diet, Tzatziki sauce is a great dip for celery, carrots, and more. Another reason Tzatziki sauce rich in flavor is because the Greek yogurt is usually made from sheep's milk or goat's milk. This type of milk has more calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin C than regular milk which is why it is great healthful substitute. Creating a light crisp salad with this Tzatziki sauce blends in perfectly. The onions add the tang, the lettuce add the freshness and the sauce adds the rich flavor. Christophe's always makes sure to add the perfect balance of flavors to take you on a trip to Europe. Click the link below to order your own Tzatziki Salad.

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