Halloween Costume Ideas!

by Christophe's Team

October 25, 2018



Halloween Costumes Ideas

Christophe's presents some last minute halloween costume ideas!

Deer Costume

Great last minute costume idea! Most of the items included to make this costume are things you can find at home! These include:
  1. A brown/tan colored dress

  2. Flower headband
  3. Branches (from outside)
  4. Brown and white felt
  5. A sheet of fuzz
All thats needed is to cut out ears from the felt and glue that to the headband. Cut out the sheet of fuzz and and pin it to the dress if you don't want the dress to be ruined. Its that easy. You can even add some creative makeup or face paint to accentuate the "deer" look. https://www.pinterest.com/

Fruity Pineapple and Strawberry CostumeImage result for halloween food costumes diy

For the pineapple costume all you need is a yellow oversized t-shirt and a a brown fabric marker. All that is needed for the design are upside down v's all over the shirt to resemble the spiky look on a pineapple. For the stem, use green poster board, roll it and cut slits down the tube of poster. Lastly, stretch out the roll and bend the slits to create a stem for the pineapple costume. For the strawberry costume use a red oversized t-shirt and draw raindrop designs with a white fabric marker. For the stem, use green felt to cut out leaves that seem to sprout from the head. https://www.pinterest.com/  

Pizza Costume

This is a very fun costume to make because it allows you to be very creative! All you need are different colors of felt such as green for peppers, tan for mushrooms, yellow for stringy cheese, and red for pepperoni. You can use styrofoam rings to embed into the the larger "crust" part of the pizza to keep the structure of the costume. Just attach ribbons to hang over the shoulders. https://www.pinterest.com/

Mac and Cheese Costume

This is a very cute costume for your children and super easy to create! All that's needed is an light yellow oversized t-shirt, yellow construction paper, and a blue poster board. Roll the construction paper to resemble the pasta and attach to the shirt thatresembles the cheese. Roll the blue poster around the person to make it look like a cup for the mac and cheese. That's it! https://www.pinterest.com/          

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