Delicious Chicken Dishes!

by Christophe's Team

February 26, 2019


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Christophe's To Go Features Mouth-Watering Chicken Menu Items!

You can't ever go wrong with a delicious chicken dish. Christophe's offers classic, paleo, and keto options so there is always something for you! Check out 5 awesome chicken dishes on the menu NOW!

  1. Classic Creamy Tuscan Chicken - Let your taste buds travel the world with this hearty and flavorful chicken dish inspired by the Tuscan region of Italy.Classic Creamy Tuscan Chicken
  1. Chicken Thigh Cacciatore - You don't have to hunt down this Italian favorite - Christophe's To Go will bring it right to your door! A hearty stew of chicken, mushrooms, tomato, and broccoli.Chicken Thigh Cacciatore
  1. Classic Curry Chicken Meatballs - We’re serving up cuisine across cultures with these Thai-inspired chicken meatballs. Served with a curry coconut sauce and steamed basmati rice, you’ll get the kick of classic Southeast Asian flavor in a fun new way.Classic Curry Chicken Meatballs
  1. Citrus Chicken Quinoa Salad - All natural citrus chicken breast served with plenty of veggies and organic quinoa for a protein packed meal.Citrus Chicken Quinoa Salad
  1. Chicken & Spaetzle - Roasted chicken and brussel sprouts served with homemade spaetzle and fresh mushrooms.Chicken & Spaetzle


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